MySpace deletes profiles of sex offenders

A couple of weeks ago, MySpace, the popular social networking site deleted 29,000 convicted sex offenders on its service. This follows reports of its young users falling victims to adult predators roaming MySpace masquerading as minors.

This would be a signal to the online community that it’s serious about trying to protect its young users, but I do believe that the move, alone, will not do much to stem the increasing use of  online chatrooms and social networking sites by sexual predators to seek out new prey. Even in the kid’s version of Second Life, adults have been found to create kids’ accounts and seek out the minors there.

It’s better that the young become more savvy about going online, not so much in terms of technical and technological know-how, but in terms of using the Internet responsibly as well as being aware of the dangers of revealing too much about themselves. In a way, sad but true, it’s innocence-lost at a younger age, as kids nowadays need to stop being so innocent and naive and think that every person they come across online is a friend.


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