Cyber Attacks on Estonia

About a week ago, there were reports on cyber attacks on Estonia, the fomer Soviet Republic, presumably by Russia which is angry over Estonia’s relocation of a Soviet war memorial.

The attacks target government websites. By overwhelming them, in an attack known as denial of service attack, the websites are caused to close down, disrupting the crucial services provided. Given that the majority of the people nowadays rely on infocomm technologies to access information, do business and practically run their daily lives, these attacks have great destructive powers.

The attacks also take the form of website defacement and hacking, and data modification, which can lead to confusion. Such attacks are not new. They have happened in the US, in the Indian/Pakistani conflict, etc.

What’s scary is that there are no clear rules of engagement in cyberwars, unlike conventional warfare. NATO has declared the situation in Estonia a security threat.

I’m sure governments around the world are watching how the situation is played out and are probably scrambling to beef up their cyber defences as well.


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