Virginia Tech Massacre Game

In what can be seen as a new low in exploiting new media, an unemployed Sydney animator is asking for US$2000 to remove a game he created and uploaded on the Internet on the Virginia Tech massacre. The news appeared in the New Paper two days ago (Virginia Tech massacre game). Mr Ryan Lambourn created the game in which  the player has to control a character holding a handgun while going on a rampgae on campus. Lambourn said he created the game for kicks and laughs, but the content of the game is no laughing matter.

Much has been said about the connection between games and violence, but to depict an event that has caused so much hurt is really disrespecting the victims and their families. Needless to say, Lambourn has received much flak from others. Lambourn should have the good sense and some decency to take the game off the Net.  


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2 Responses to Virginia Tech Massacre Game

  1. J.T Dabbagian says:

    This kinda reminds me of the game Kaboom, where you played a terrorist that was about to blow up. Things like this always make you wonder how bizarre some people are.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Indeed, you are right. Such games do make one wonder how strange some people can be. What’s happened to good sense and decency?

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