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Mr Matthew Lee is the only blogger at the UN with media credentials. What this means is that he has some entitlements that usually only invited press have such as free office space and access to UN briefings and press conferences. He is even allowed to ask questions. The information he gathers makes it to his website innercitypress.com in daily postings. He covers all stories and aspects in the UN, big and small. This is one way of bringing info about and from the UN to the common masses, many of whom now get their dose of info online.

What interests me is that UN has actually granted Matthew Lee, an independent blogger so journalistic credentials which goes to show the growing awareness of the important role bloggers and the blogospehere have in society today, especially in the area of media influence.

Which reminded me of O’Reilly’s proposed code of conduct for all bloggers in a bid to give some organisation and structure to the blogosphere. I was just checking in on O’Reilly’s Radar for any updates and here’s what the man says in Code of Conduct: Some lessons learnt so far:

Rather than responding in detail to the many comments on my Draft of a Bloggers’ Code of Conduct or the earlier Call for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct, as well as some of the thoughtful discussion on other blogs, I thought I’d summarize some of my chief takeaways from the discussion so far.

These include:

Well, what do you say to that?


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