Virginia Tech and New Media…some new insight

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s posting on Virginia Tech and New Media. In the news on TV last night, there was a footage of the shooter in a self-filmed video that he sent to NBC. The video showed him ranting about society and its failings and for forcing him into a corner, making his killing spree seem an inevitable ending. The use of the video highlights the Youtube generation we are in nowadays, so much so that filming himself and sending the images to the news centre to be broadcast was probably a most natural thing to do for the shooter, though of course we know that there was nothing natural at all in what was said and done.

I received some comments on yesterday’s posting.

Raincoaster commented that a VT had a pre-existing campus-wide text and email tree for emergencies and didn’t use it once the first shootings happened. “Let’s look at the way the institution could have used new media to prevent an additional 30 deaths, but didn’t.”  Jonny applauded technology for being used to give people a voice to share their grief and worries as many often really just need an easy forum to talk. “If the flip side of this is macabre capitalism then so be it – personally I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off.” 

Thanks for the comments, guys. What do others think? Let’s hear you.


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2 Responses to Virginia Tech and New Media…some new insight

  1. Jonny says:

    Good post. My comment that you have listed above though does not tell the whole story.

    However, the technology part of this does not purely lie in the aftermath of this tragic event. What about the email that told everyone (albeit too late) that a gun man was on the loose and that everyone should ‘stay put’. Or the student that was stuck in a class room on Instant Messenger finding out whether it was safe for her to leave (it wasn’t and thankfully her colleagues could tell her that). For me technology has helped keep people alive during the shootings and helped keep people sane after the it.

    My post backs this up.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Thanks for the clarification and additional insight, Jonny. It’s also interesting that many a time we complain about how technology can be so intrusive and disruptive at times, eg MSN, mobile phones, etc, yet in this situation, it’s such a lifesaver! It’s also via new media that we can communicate like this and share our views on the situation.

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