Policing cyberspace and banning Youtube…again?

Something’s brewing in cyberspace in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia and Thailand. Thailand has just banned Youtube, after a couple of video clips insulting the Thai King have emerged. These clips are probably a reaction to the sentencing of a European man to 10 years in prison for defacing posters of the Thai King while he was in a drunken state in Chiang Mai. The Thai government has even sought Youtube’ help to limit access to the site in Thailand.

In Malaysia, bloggers are coming together to form an alliance to seek protection as a group, after several bloggers have been sued by the Malaysian government for making false allegations about the government. The government has even mentioned the possibility of asking all bloggers to register and declare their full identities, which of course has drawn much flak from its bloggers. Anyway, given the nature of cyberspace, such policing will prove tough as bloggers could easily sign-up for external blog accounts.

In Singapore, another kind of cyber-policing or detective work was done when someone in a car forum managed to track and expose another member as being the peson responsible for a car crash during a test drive that left the car saleswoman dead. His detective work was done in cyberspace via car forums and through online car interest group members. The cyber-exposure has drawn so much interest that the traditional press has even gotten into the action and has started to pursue the story! I think increasingly, we will get new media stories driving traditional media stories, as people decide what they want to see and read in the media.    


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