First virtual US polls in MySpace

This is a follow-up posting to my previous posting on New Media and Politics, which talked about how the US presidential election hopefuls are using new media to engage new voters.

 Just the other day, MySpace announced that it will hold the first virtual US presidential elections on first and second January 2008. This is ahead of the actual elections and will give its members who are 18 and above (18 is the legal voting age in the US) a chance to practise their voting rights and “engage in their democracy”, according to Cherie Simon, president of Declare Yourself, an organisation that  encourages users to register to vote.

The virtual polls, will no doubt, be an interesting one as it would give the US a glimpse of their new president! 

By the way, my blog post on New Media and Politics made it to WordPress’ Blog of the Minute on 2 April 2007! Yeah! 



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