Living my Second Life

It’s been a dizzying first hour living my Second Life. After all that hype about it, I thought I should pop in and take a look. Downloading Second Life was easy enough, but thinking of a name was tough! First, all ‘normal’ first names were taken. Anyway, you are reminded that it’s your second life so you should choose something unique. That name would stay with you all of your second life! Then, you will need to choose a surname from a given list of pretty European-sounding surnames. It makes everyone sound like the Man from Russia or Yugoslavia! Then, you need to select your avatar. Frankly, there are not many to choose from, and they do look kinda weird, but then again, you are supposed to customise your look later on. Then, you need to get yourself oriented with four short tutorials, and just when you thought you could enter the Mainland, you are told to get further oriented in Help Land. You are told that once you leave Help Land, there’s no turning back!! Gulp! That makes the Main Land sound like a scary mess of places and people! I’m reluctant to leave Helpland for now. Still need to get used to manouvering my avatar around without spinning in circles.

I’ve met some pretty strange- sounding avatars …Ferrari Beygnal… (well, like I’m one to talk!) as well as some strange-looking ones … harajuku girl..(again, I’m not one to talk!) who have been speaking to me in strange languages, which goes to show how cosmopolitan the Second Life world is.

So far, I’ve managed to change my appearance a little so that I don’t look so lost all the time. Also, my skinny legs needed some muscles! I’ve also been given one Linden dollar to buy myself a shirt (Yes, one Linden dollar can still go that far, but then again, it’s a strange-looking shirt). I’ve come across other avatars looking pretty lost too. As much as I wish to venture to the MAINLAND, I’m reluctant to leave the peace and quiet of Help Land.

Anyway, I’ve yet to master the art of flying! Maybe tomorrow, I’ll fly to the MAINLAND!


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