A virtual Singapore city in Second Life

The Singapore flag is flying high in Second Life. IT enthusiast Mr Alvin Loo paid US$1650 of his own money to buy the land to build the Lion City! He then went on to create and build HDB flats complete with void decks for people ( er, I mean, avatars) to hang out at. There’s even Suntec City! Hm.. imagine speaking Singlish and eating cha kuay teow virtually. Now, that’s something to chew on.

Another thing to think about is that the creators of the virtual world, Second Life, are actually going to set up a real office in Singapore, and no, they are not paying in Linden dollars*! Ironic? Well, it goes to show that no matter where you go in Second Life, there’s no escaping the realities of the First Life!

*Linden dollars is the currency used in Second Life and converts to US dollars at the exchange rate: L$250 to US$1.50.


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