Online gaming promoting sex and violence

We already know of many online games that promote sex and violence. Characters in games are engaged in gory battles. Not only that, many female characters wear skimpy outfits as they sashay sexily across the screen. 

In today’s The New Paper, there’s an article entitled “It’s worse than porn” that talks about games available online that promote not just sex and violence, but violent sex in the form of rape.

In such games, players take on characters that rape other characters. According to one of the psychologists who was shown one such site, such games are “worse than pornography. These rape games are promoting a criminal activity and glorifying it. The young ones may not understand that they are inflicting pain onto ‘the other party’. These children will grow up with warped values. That’s frightening.”

What’s also frightening is that many young people in S’pore already know of such games and some have even tried these games before. They may not know how to differentiate right from wrong, and may grow up to think that rape is okay, just as porn leads one to think that demeaning women and viewing them as sex objects is okay.

According to the psychologist, ‘in the good old days, you had to reach 21 years of age to get your key to adulthood. Today, a 12-year-old child could be looking at such materials” which means that undesirable values are travelling on the cyberhighway right into your home! “These children don’t have a well-developed conscience to know what is right or wrong,’ said Dr Ang.

Any thing that promotes rape or makes it look okay or normal is sick, and should be stopped. But in today’s Internet age, to talk of banning anything at all is meaningless as we all know how easy it is for undesirable sites to disguise themselves as other sites, or how easy it is for new sites to pop up just when one is shut down.

To talk of having some kind of rating system is also meaningless. Even if the sites indicate a R21 rating, on the Internet, a 14 year-old could always disguise himself as a 21 year old.

Thus, it seems that education is still the key, both at home and at school, and good old-fashioned common sense should prevail, as well as good old conscience. Let’s hope that the young have both.


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2 Responses to Online gaming promoting sex and violence

  1. zhe long says:

    it very fun

  2. blogscapes says:

    It’s worrying if you mean to say that games that promote violence are fun. Let’s hope that people have more sense of responsibility, and know the difference between right and wrong.

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