Another employee gets into trouble for Youtube video

Don’t they ever learn? A British supermarket chain has started  investigations into the posting of video clips on Youtube showing people perfomring stunts while wearing the company’s uniforms. The staff were shown to be fooling around and skiving from work. They were also reportedly shown giving management “the finger”. Not a smart move.

In my last posting, I talked about the need to use new media responsibly, and that call is now more urgent than ever! Now, it seems that cyberspace is also used for cyber-bullying. In the past, bullies were more or less confined to a particular space, like school or work, but now, it’s taken on a new global spin, with cyber bullies taunting their victims 24/7, transcending time and also space! The bullying comes in the form of posting nasty remarks on personal pages or aggressive taunts and insults during instant messaging. This is sad given the tremendous potential cyber space offers for social networking.   


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