Mean bloggers, beware!

In a recent posting, I brought up the concern raised by a netizen in Singapore, about pictures of people put online in order to shame them. In a somewhat related issue, another netizen wrote in to the press when he saw a photo of his friend posted in a blog owned by two female bloggers, with mean things said about his friend. Student Low Wei Xiang wrote in to ask if that was acceptable. In their blog, the girls have written “We are mean and we are not shy about it…You can’t stop us and we are not doing anything wrong.”

While it’s still a grey area if commenting on someone else in the new media in a negative way can constitute libel, the act of ‘grabbing’ another person’s photo and using it online or not, is wrong as the rights to the photo belong to the photographer. Still, there is no definitive law about photographing someone and using it and commenting on it.

Nevertheless, netizens should be aware that they can’t hide behind anonymity online. It’s a false sense of anonymity and discretion and discipline are still needed in deciding what can be done or not. Albeit the rules have yet to set on new media; yet, good common sense and common courtesies should still rule. 


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