Sell a PC, plant a tree!

The New Paper article Sell a PC, Plant a Tree caught my eye. Finally, a technology company is bold enough to remind society that in the ongoing quest for new technologies and in the ever increasing use of gadgets and appliances, the environment is being adversely affected. The PC industy needs to go green.

The recent natural disasters and weather phenomena have made me think about how our materialistic and consumerist society is affecting Mother Earth. El Nino, the Greenhouse effect, global warming…we’ve heard much about them, and their effects are hitting close to home, with rising temperatures and freaky weather the world over.

Yet, on the other hand, each day, we are told to buy more, use more! We seem more concerned about wireless hotspots than weather hotspots. We are told to go online, and be connected, yet we are not reminded that using the computer, surfing the Web, playing online games all use energy and deplete our resources.

Finally, Dell has been brave enough to remind consumers and technology users of that connection. The company has launched its “Plant a tree for me” prgramme, and announced that it will “foster the planting of trees to help compensate for the effect on the environment of the energy used up by the devices” it makes. It will plant a tree for every PC sold.   

Kudos to Dell!



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