You can’t ban Youtube!

Just a few days ago, I wrote about a Brazilian judge ordering a ban on a steamy Youtube video of Brazilian model, Daniela Cicarelli. This ban has now been reversed. Of course! How is it possible for anyone to ban a video on Youtube, or on the Internet for that matter. With borderless technology, such a ban can only be seen as futile. In fact, the ban drew much flak from many, saying that it was against the freedom of the press.  And not surprisingly, not unlike previous bans, the ban on the video made it even more popular and it started popping up elsewhere.

This goes to show that traditional forms of censorship no longer work. Instead, society needs to be more responsible about what goes online. However, that will be tough as different societies have different ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not. Do you think society is ready for self-censorship then?

In another separate yet somehow related issue, shame sites have also created a stir in Singapore. Just as the Brazilian footage was shot without the knowledge of the model, and hence is seen as a violation of her privacy, some people have started taking photos of shameful acts such as people who pretend to sleep on the trains or buses so as not to give up their seats to others, which can be seen as a violation of privacy too. These pictures are then posted online for all to view and tsk tsk over. Is such a public embarrassment wrong, if the end is to make people behave themselves in public? The verdict is still out there.


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4 Responses to You can’t ban Youtube!

  1. Hobbler says:

    Yes, this ‘borderless technology’ is posing limitless challenges. There’s an article in the ST today about the need for readers of the new media to be critical and discerning of what they read. You speak about society needing to bear responsibility for what goes online. I certainly agree – but what a challenge it poses for parents and educators to foster the skill crtical thinking and equip young people with the ability to be discerning evaluators of information.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Indeed! Info literacy and media literacy are really crucial these days. Then there’s the problem of narrow casting, of how people tend to only read what they want to read. This means that parents and educators need to broaden what they read and understand.

  3. Hobbler says:

    Yes, I’m glad that there appears to be a concerted effort in the local press to champion this. Warren Fernandez has an article out in ST today regarding old vs new media. I guess regular features and discussions such as these will help ‘those who read’ begin to comprehend the issues that confront us !

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