Blog Ghosts?

With Christmas round the corner, I was reminded about Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and how the character Scrooge was made to to look into his past by the Ghost of Christmas past! Now, before you think that I’ve gone crazy, there is a point I would like to make about blogging! Please be patient. There is a connection.

In my previous postings, I mentioned that blogs are repositories of information, and entries can stay in the blogosphere in the archives and they can stay there practically forever.

Now, do you think that the ghosts of your blogs past may come back to haunt you? Afterall, blogging is in a way for posterity. What you write about, what you rant about today, will stay there, even if you don’t consciously remember it anymore. 

Could what you write today come back to haunt you five years down the road? What do I mean by that? Let’s say you write something unkind or unsavoury in your blog post, and a potential employer comes across it-do you think he’ll use that information against you?

Perhaps there’s no need to look that far back, or even that far forward for that matter. In more recent times, there have already been cases reported of how people have been fired due to negative things they have said about their bosses or companies in their blogs. And given that many people see blogs as being personal journals through which they sometimes bare their innermost thoughts to the gigantic blogospehere, would blogs be then used as a new investigative resource? In a court case currently tried in Singapore, a boy’s blog entry was used as part of evidence for discussion in court!

One more thing, given that we leave digital footprints where we go online, would you be proud of where you have been? Would you be proud to reveal your digital whereabouts to potential future empoyers, colleagues, friends? 

Does that mean we need to be careful of what we say in our blogs? I think the best guiding rule is to let your conscience be your guide. It should help you to be responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.


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An intrepid explorer into the the brave new dimensions of the blogosphere and new media landscape.

2 Responses to Blog Ghosts?

  1. ksgoh says:

    With increased popularity of blogs and the uncontrollable urge to complain about policies, colleeagues and even friends, it is only a matter of time before such guides are developed.

    How to blog anonymously –

  2. blogscapes says:

    That’s an interesting link you gave. While there could be the desire to blog anonymously, it may not be so easy as we tend to reveal a little bit of ourselves in our blogs that could still make us identifiable. Also, we tend to leave a trail of electronic breadcrumbs that makes us trace-able!

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