Survey on blogging among Singapore’s netizens

A couple of days ago, there was article in the Singapore tabloid, Today on a survey done on blogging in Singapore: Netizens place great trust in blogs: Online survey

What’s interesting is that the online survey reveals that about 50% of the Internet users in Singapore find blogs to be as “trustworthy as traditional media such as print, radio and television”. Eversince I’ve started reading blogs as well as blogging, I have come to realise that there’s a lot of sharing of good and useful info in the blogosphere.

Sure, the blogosphere has its share of very personal blogs that do not make much sense to people other than the bloggers and their close friends, but in general, bloggers do take their blogging pretty seriously and want to share thier views, their knowledge and expertise with others. Like I’ve said in my previous blog entry, there’s a great collective potential and repository of knowledge in the blogosphere.

Previously, we were cautioned about taking everything we read on the Internet seriously. We still do need to be careful. However, I think the local blogosphere has matured somewhat, and there’s an increasing sense of credibility in online sites including blogs.

According to the  survey, 28% found blogs the fastest way to find out about what’s been happening in the world. I’m sure the blogs that gave firsthand accounts of the 911 and 2004 Tsunami incidents provided the impetus for that.

Another interesting finding is that the global blogosphere doubles in size “every 230 days, and a blog created every second”. 68% of respondents claimed to have their own blogs in Singapore, making us the 2nd fastest blog region in Asia! 

Perhaps quite surprising, there are more female bloggers than male bloggers. In Singapore, 74% of bloggers are women, while in Asia, it’s 55%. Hm…always thought the tech-thing was more a guy thing…

Well, while a blog is born every second, it’s not very encouraging to know that 62% of all blogs in Asia have 20 or fewer visitors a week. For all the effort put into blogs (I should know), more should be reading them!

Hey, wait a minute, I do believe my blog has averaged more than 20 visitors a week, so that makes it more than average! Yay!

And that’s thanks to you, my dear reader!


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