A blogging community

Eversince I’ve started this blog, I’ve been experiencing an increasing sense of belonging to a community: the blogging community. According to Wiki’s definition, 

“a community usually refers to a group of people who interact and share certain things as a group [bolding by me].

Previously, when I was just surfing the Web and reading others’ blogs, I was just a reader. However, when I started writing my own blog entries, as well as posting comments on other bloggers’ blogs, I began to experience a sense of belonging to the blogging community.

What do I mean by that? True to the meaning of community, I feel that bloggers do “interact and share certain things as a group”. When you read each others’ postings and leave comments or email each other, you are interacting and sharing information, expertise and experience. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being a reader is a bad thing, but what I’m saying is that one can be more involved by interacting and contributing to a blog and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own too.

I must say that bloggers are a pretty helpful and friendly bunch of people. When I leave a question or a comment, so far, I’ve yet to not receive a response. I’d get a direct reply to my question. But often, I get more than that! The bloggers I’ve interacted with so far have given me feedback, helpful tips and encouragement, which is pretty important to novice bloggers. I’ve even been invited to a podcasting group meeting in North Carolina!

I always get a kick when I see that someone has commented on my posting and I’ve never failed to respond to them! That’s how you engage in conversations with others on the Web. And isn’t the Web and blogging all about engaging in conversations and making connections? It amazes me how much collective potential there is out there, and it’s all made easily available, thanks to new media such as weblogs!

Sometimes the support may not be so obvious but is still important. The interaction and support may also often come in the form of trackbacks, and links in blog entries, which help to spread your blog message, and increase your site traffic.

I guess there seems to be this tacit understanding of shared purpose, to want to help spread its other blog message and help chalk up blog stats!! Also, having gone through some experience of starting a blog and maintaining it, there’s this reflective sharing of a well, shared experiencel. That’s probably why there are so many blogs out there on blogging, such as this one

A quick search online can easily throw up many links to blogs on blogging  . Recently, I came across Blogology101 which shares some useful tips how to write a great article! 

Of course, one of the best things another blogger can do for another blogger is to put his blog on the blogroll. The blogroll is a list of links deemed useful by the owner of the blog and by putting the link there, you are allowing readers to gain easy access to the other blog. In other words, you are helping to refer relevant traffic to that relevant blog.

I’m pleased to say that I have put the blogs of some bloggers I have come across on my blogroll. i’m also pleased to say that my blog has been put on other blogger’s blogroll! How exciting!


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