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I’ve just finished reading Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content by Biz Stone.

 Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content

 He gives some useful tips on the technical aspects of blogging such as how to design blog templates, how to add features, etc. He even includes the HTML codes that you could use in your blogs, though he’s tailored it to the Blogger templates. It’s amazing what you can do to your blog and all the various features you can add on!

I’m afraid I’m a bit tech-challenged so don’t expect to see the tech wizardry he mentioned in my blog, well, at least not yet! You’ll need to adapt the codes if you are using other hosts such as WordPress, etc. So I guess I’ll be sticking to the WordPress templates for now.

Anyway, what I found interesting is chapter 9 on Group Blogging. There are many benefits to group blogging.  First a group blog allows for collaborative blogging and encourages the on-going conversations amongst bloggers. It’s also good if you need to take a break for a while – at least someone can help to cover your blog when you are away, and the readers can still ‘tune in’ to your blog, so to speak. Do remember to tell your readers about this as they may be shocked to hear ‘a different voice’. The group blogging function also allows you to invite a guest blogger to your blog. This is also a good way for someone to try out blogging, to see if he or she likes the experience enough to start his or her own blog!

The ultimate group blog has to be metafilter started by Matthew Haughey. He wanted “to break down the barriers between people, to extend a blog beyond one person, and to foster discussion among its members.” At metafilter, anyone can participate by starting new discussion threads or posting comments. This is a useful way to try out the blogging concept.

Another way to get involved is to post comments on blogs when you come across something you find interesting. I’ve been doing that and I find it a great way to make connections with other bloggers. Giving comments show that you have read the blogger’s postings and would like to acknowledge that. In a way, you are participating in the other bloggers’ blogs!

One of the reasons I chose WordPress is that it allows for group blogging, and it’s my intention to turn this into a group blog eventually. Well, until that time comes, my dear reader, you’ll still be hearing from me.


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5 Responses to Group Blogging

  1. Group blogging is a great way to grow your blog’s content quickly.

    Blogging does take its toll when you’ve been doing it for a while. It’s not like you get bored of it or anything, but sometimes you just need new ideas, and a fresh outlook on things. Constantly re-hashing information that is already floating around in the blogosphere can be detrimental to a blog’s health.

    And what about that vacation you’d been dreaming about, which means leaving your readers in a lurch? Of course, there’s the option of a laptop, but then again, it defeats the purpose of having a break.

    Group blogging could solve those problems.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Yes, it’s not always easy to think of things to write about, and there’s that pressure of making sure that what you write makes sense and is useful or provides some added insight. Not always easy to do on a daily or even weekly basis!

    Group blogging is part of the long-term plan for this blog. I hope to establish it first before inviting others on board.

  3. Spot on and your plans are well-founded. You’ve got a good central topic that many potential bloggers will find useful.

    Stick with it and you’ll have a nice repository of bloggin’ information, bloggers can benefit from.

  4. blogscapes says:

    HI Kevin,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Your comments also add to the blog and are appreciated.

    I see you’ve now added a logo!

  5. [I see you’ve now added a logo!]

    guilty of havin’ a bit, too much time on my hands…

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