What’s in a blog name or blog title?

 Today is the COMING-OUT DAY of this blog!

Wait a minute, in case you are starting to get strange ideas, let me clarify. By coming-out, I mean I made my blog known to the people around me. Since I started the blog a few weeks back, besides the readers out there in the blogosphere who have read the blog, I’ve only told a very small handful of people about it. These are people I know who have been reading blogs. In a way,  I guess they have been my sounding board (or guinea pigs! I’m sure you don’t mind, right?)

I know it may seem ironic that those who do not know me personally might have seen and read my blog before those who do know me personally. So why am I telling more people about it now? I guess I felt that it was time-I had to be sure I would be able to sustain it. It does take effort and there’s the pressure of writing new posts on a regular basis. Initially I thought I would update the blog weekly, but lately, it’s been more regular than that, and I figured it’s about time that I let others in on it as well. 

Of course, there’s also the initial tentativeness about revealing your thoughts and feelings to others who know you as you’re more likely to be judged..you know what I mean. Anyway, time to take that risk.  After all, blogging IS about making connections, so the more connections you make, the better! So, new readers, do feel free to read and leave comments and feedback.

Now, before you start wondering what this post has to do with blog name and blog titles, I’d wanted to name this blog post Coming-Out Day but then I thought about how it would look in a list of searches and the audience/reader/user who would be keying in those search terms!! Not quite the readership I’d be expecting and they would be sorely disappointed too.

I read somewhere that the blog name and blog titles should be terms that people often key into search engines. It needs to be snappy and memorable and should say something about you or the business you do. According to Elliott Back’s article, What do YOU call your blog?, the top three search words are “blog”, “life” and “weblog”, so if you have these terms in your title, it’s more likely that your blog would be featured in search results and hence is more likely to be read. Des Walsh in his article Choosing Your Blog Name  advises businesses to include their business terms in the titles. So if you are a plumber, you should have a name such as plumbingworks.wordpress.com.

Looking at my title Blogscapes, I wonder how anyone would even key it in as a search term! Oh well. Perhaps I should have named it “Blog about weblogs” (2 out of 3of the top 3 search words ain’t bad). Looking back on the previous post titles, I realised how old-school they are. They would work pretty well as titles of articles in conventional texts such as papers and magazines, but given the nature of the Internet and search engines, they would hardly be picked out by search engines, and they don’t give a clue about what they are about.

Looks like my blog titles will need to get more literal. Tell it as it is. Avoid anything too  literary or  metaphorical.  So what’s in a name? A lot. It’s search term, summary, key word all bundled together. Best to KISS: Keep it simple, stupid!



About blogscapes
An intrepid explorer into the the brave new dimensions of the blogosphere and new media landscape.

9 Responses to What’s in a blog name or blog title?

  1. I’ll take you up on your offer and comment a little on this.

    You raised an issue that most bloggers, sometimes overlook. The importance of relevant keywords in blog titles and body content. This, as you rightly said is for getting the search bots to easily find you.

    You hit the nail on the head again with using keywords that readers interested in finding out more about a subject, will type into a search engine.

    So when planning a blog title, figure out what keywords, readers most likely keen on reading your post would type into a search engine. Then, seed those keywords in your title and content.

    That’s one of those fundamental steps to having your blog found by your targeted readers. Since your blog is about blogging, get your future posts centered around the word blogging. A good trick to use is to find out what your ‘competitors’ are doing. Go to google and find bloggers who are blogging about the same genre you are and are highly ranked. Look at how they position their keywords. Google also has something called ‘Similar Pages’. Use it to find blogs or websites that center around your blog’s theme.

    Search Engine Optimization is a tough nut to crack. But using the right keywords is a step towards getting the traffic you want.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Looks like there’s quite a lot of strategy needed in blogging. I wasn’t aware that blogging required such hm..strategizing (for want of a better word). While I was focusing on the use of key terms in the blog name and blog title, you pointed out a useful thing about including it in the content as well. Yes, will definitely try to hunt down the well-rated blogs on blogging and learn from the experienced.

    Hey, every line above does contain a variation of the word “blog”!

  3. [Hey, every line above does contain a variation of the word “blog”!]

    Maybe, I ought to learn SEO from you…

  4. sekhar says:

    interesting article …i agree with wat kevin said …title of the blog post should have the keywords which users mostly search .The simple and best SEO technique to reach the top in ( GOOGLE )search results.

    Well always i have passion for browsing internet and blogging but my blog never got any high amount of traffic from google search but recently i found lot of traffic diverted to me with my pages related to realtek audio driver .

    Infact its because my blog title exactly matches the keywords user types.

    search “realtek audio problem” in google .. u will see my blog post in first page .

  5. blogscapes says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Will try to remember to put keywords that people will want to key in. But sometimes, that kinda constrains the way bloggers want to title their posts, don’t you think?

  6. sekhar says:

    Yeah thats true …for a simple blogger who thinks of just maintaining a blog.. “title” is not a important .He can give any title or something he wishes …and he doesnt need to do research in SEO or something like that …..

    But for any professional or budding (like me :D) blogger giving a title matching the keywords will give a new learning step in understanding SEARCH MACHINE’s behaviour .And also simple and good way to get readers and hits .

    After all everything is learnt through learning .

  7. blogscapes says:

    I guess it’s also to do with the new media. With traditional press publicaitons, you just need to have a catchy and even sensational title and people will read it, as it’ll catch their eye as they are flipping the pages. But with the Web, that won’t work as people would not even key that title in! So it’s really customising to the readers’ key words.

    Do keep me updated on your learning about the SEARCH MACHINE’s workings!

  8. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. blogscapes says:

    It would be useful for you to elaborate further, Idetrorce

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