It’s more than (blog)skin deep

Well, I’m still on the same blog template… for now. I received a comment that this one has a warmer and friendlier feel to it (which is great) and is not as serious as the first two (hm… not too sure how I feel about that). Must be the natural brown and green shades that are reflecting the warmer feel. There’s also a certain autumn-ish look to it-I think the leaves (at least I think those are leaves) have something to do with that. As much as I love nature, I don’t quite fancy the leaves, though. Can a blog deal with serious issues with leaves like that? Can a blog be taken seriously with leaves like that?

The leaves notwithstanding, there’s a lot going for this look and how it functions, so I’ll keep it and see how it grows (pun intended).



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One Response to It’s more than (blog)skin deep

  1. Cindy says:

    The leaves are fine, for without them, the page would have a boring brown background….

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