About blog templates: Is it only (blog)skin deep?

For those who have visited this blog before and are back, thanks for coming back! I hope you are not shocked by the change in the look of it. Since I started the blog a couple of weeks back, I’ve been through many looks for the blog, and in a way, the one you are currently viewing now is the third more permanent one. The rest, I just try for a moment and then decide nah, let’s change it. I guess this whole process is something all novice bloggers go through, no?

It’s actually quite fun to experiment with the different looks, just like you are experimenting with fashion! Is the blogskin only skin deep I wonder. I’ve been paying pretty close attention to the looks of the various blogs I visit as I trawl the blogosphere. There are just so many looks as there are blogs! Some have one column, most have two or three. According to some of the sites and books I’ve been reading, it’s better to have at least two columns so readers can at least access the side navigation panel easily.  

Then, there are the colour schemes to think about. Some just make your blog look to old, too cute, too bright, too dark…it’s really not easy choosing the right match. It’s like finding the perfect foundation (if I may continue the fashion-beauty analogy) to match your skin tone (which can take a lifetime for some!) .

Then some allow your tagline to be shown, and some don’t. So many choices, so many permutations. Yet, it’s hard to have the perfect combination.

So, what’s my ideal look? Something that looks modern without feeling cold. Something that shows my blog title and tagline clearly. Something that has two columns to show my posts and navigation panel at the same time. Something that shows a certain demarcation for each posting. Surely something that requires so much thought and consideration signals that it’s more than just a superficial choice. Just like our clothes, i think the blogskin does communicate something about its owners too, something about the message to be shared, and I guess as people and thoughts and feelings evolve, so will the looks of the blogs.  

First, I started with this:


I like it for its clean look and the picture of the pen. I guess it signified my tentative transition crossing over to the blogside at the start. I guess the  pen was a nice symbol of the bridge between the old and new forms of writing. 

Then I had this:  


I began to feel that I needed a more modern look for the blog. After all, it is about the new media! I like the blue shades in the colour scheme (somehow blue always connotes a sense of cool tech, doesn’t it?) and the curves suggested a sense of the blogosphere.

Now, I’m trying this out: 

  Current theme preview

Well, what do you think of this one?

What do I think of it? Come back another day and you’ll find out.



About blogscapes
An intrepid explorer into the the brave new dimensions of the blogosphere and new media landscape.

One Response to About blog templates: Is it only (blog)skin deep?

  1. Cindy says:

    I like this new one, it gives you a warmer and friendlier feeling, not serious as the 1st 2. As long as you don’t use colours that are too bright, I would say you’ve got something good here. But, do feel free to experiment… 🙂

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