Blogs about blogging

I googled ‘blogs about blogging’ and found this useful site:

I like its pretty functional writing style that kind of pares down some of the blogging terminology and concepts. It contains some other useful links too. (So, I’m making connections and helping you to make connections too!)  

Here’s another useful one, presented in a neat PowerPoint-style:

Blogs, blogging, bloggers: what’s it all about & why all the fuss? 

 Although published in 2004, which in Internet time is prbably ancient, these two sites still hold pretty useful and important information, and are worth visiting, esp for novice bloggers.

I found this link: that talks about some activities done by group of students doing new media studies. They explored the genre of blogs,and one activity required the students to do a blog review. If youdo think about it seriously, there are so many types of blogs out there that there is probably a need for sub-categories or sub-genres! Anyway, I thought this particular activity in ‘deconstructing a blog’ [my own words] pretty useful. I’m reproducing some of the questions posed during the activity here: 

  1. Identity — Who is behind the blog? Is the author an individual or a group of people? Is the weblog a personal or professional project? Is its presentation formal or informal?
  2. Design — What does the visual design of the blog establish about its purpose and intent? Is the site more about information of aesthetic appeal? Is the site easy to navigate?
  3. Content — Is this a topic-focused blog? What genre of blog is it? Is the content informative, educational, entertaining?
  4. Time — How long has the site been in operation? How often is it updated? What does searching through the archives, from the first post forward, reveal? Has the blog changed over time?
  5. Linking — Are there many links with comments in the posts? Does the blogger appear to mainly link to a particular type of resource, “authorative” sites, etc.? Does the main purpose of the weblog seem to be link to other sites on the Web, or is the blog more of a journal/forum for local content?
  6. Blog Roll — What other types of sites does the blogroll link to? Does the blogroll indicate what type of community the blogger is trying to identify him or herself with?
  7. Inbound links — Using Google, determine what sites link to this blog. What community of readers links to the site?
  8. Discussion/comments — Is this a discussion-oriented blog? If so, how active are the comments on the blog? Do many of the same people comment often? How would you describe the types of comments made? Likewise, are there any trackbacks from other sites?
  9. Audience analysis — Taking into account all of the above, how would you describe the blog’s target audience?

 I guess these questions are not only good for reviewing or critiquing others’ blogs, but for a reflective critique as well.  Hm.. wonder if I dare do one. Or I’ll take the easy way out and wait for someone to do a blog review of Blogscapes and let me know!


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