Some useful blog resources

I’ve been surfing the web to make connections with other blogs about blogging. Came across this article:

Introduction to Blogs and Blogging

By Michael Stach
Apr 1, 2004

that contains some pretty useful resources. I’m placing the more useful links here.

General information about blogs can be found at the following Web sites:

Weblog Compendium
This site offers a tremendous variety of blog resources. There are links to various topics including Web hosting. The sites linked from this page may allow you to host your own blog for free. The definitions section links to pages giving a history of blogs.

Being in education, I’m also keen on issues related to education:

Blogs and Education

There are many blogs that deal with topics in education. The examples here are not meant to be exhaustive. They are illustrative of the types of activities taking place in the blogosphere (the wider community of blogs): gives a general overview of educational issues. Clicking on the Comments tag at the end of each article will allow you to read the comments of others as well as giving the opportunity to post a comment of your own.

Number 2 Pencil is interested in issues related to testing.

Blogs and Education, part of Jim Flower’s Radio Weblog, has a section devoted to education.

Blogs and Student Writing

The Oklahoma Writing Project has just started a blog for educators who participate in this excellent program.

Laura Shefler offers a set of exercises to walk a class through the process of building a blog.

I hope these will be of help to you too.



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2 Responses to Some useful blog resources

  1. thelamp says:

    There’s a couple other great ones for students and teachers.
    Beat Blogs–>

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