Creating Bloglines

As you know, I have been doing some reading on blogging and one thing that keeps cropping up in the various books and websites I read is the point about making connections. Bloggers should read other bloggers’ blogs and engage in conversations.

What do you mean by conversations? ( gives some pretty good examples and tips on how bloggers can get connected. Bloglines (hm..have I coined a new term?? Will need to wiki and find out…) will allow blogs to ‘talk to each other’, and this happens when you leave comments or email the writers directly, or track larger conversations on the topic of your interest.

Another book that I keep hearing about and which I have yet to get my hands on is .

I guess in all the excitement of setting up this blog, perhaps I have neglected this aspect of blogging, ie reading others’ blogs extensively, and making a connection with them. I will try to do so. I’ll be exploring this idea of bloglines more in my future posts. will keep you, er, posted then!


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2 Responses to Creating Bloglines

  1. Cindy says:

    Yes, that’s why I’m always recommending some blogs for you to read, to get better connected. 🙂

  2. blogscapes says:

    Yes, appreciate that!

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