The blogger’s cardinal sin

I’ve committed the blogger’s cardinal sin. What’s that? It’s not updating the blog. It has been about two weeks since I last wrote my first posting. Could it be that the second posting is the hardest one?

As mentioned in my first posting, the purpose of this blog is to explore the concept of blogging and to get new ideas as I explore the blogosphere. Alas, I have yet to receive any comments from anyone. Is anyone reading this?

Anyway, to continue with that exploration, another key factor when considering blogging is the question of how often you should update it. Perhaps, a better question to ask is how often you could update it. It’s not always easy to find the time and to think of something meaningful to say, and after the burst of words in the first blog,  it’s easy to get stumped when it comes to the second posting. There is always a certain incubation period. How long should it be? A day? Two days? A week?

I’ll try my best to update this blog on a weekly basis. That demands a certain discipline. If time and inspiration permits, I’ll write more often, and I hope you will too.


About blogscapes
An intrepid explorer into the the brave new dimensions of the blogosphere and new media landscape.

One Response to The blogger’s cardinal sin

  1. Cindy says:

    Well, I don’t think there’s a rule as to how often one should update a blog. I guess it depends more on whether you have anything to blog about and yes, find the time to update it.

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